Properties increasingly rely on corporate sponsorship to support their business models. At the same time, brands have become more discerning of partnership opportunities as they look to solve their competitive challenges. Beyond visibility and impressions, they are seeking smart solutions that piece together their media, content, and consumer engagement strategies.

Premier Consulting brings an innovative approach to helping teams, events, venues, and municipal programs successfully enlist corporate partners and maximize sponsorship revenue. Our innovative and data-driven solutions provide the building blocks for a successful sponsorship program.

Whether you are opening a new facility, engaging in a major renewal, or taking a fresh look at a longstanding sponsorship program, Premier’s worldwide relationships, industry expertise, and proven results will lead the way to profitable, enduring partnerships.

The Premier Consulting team brings an innovative, experienced, data-driven approach to each of our customized Sponsorship Solutions:


Whether you are taking a fresh look at an underperforming sponsorship program or introducing new opportunities to the marketplace, Premier’s comprehensive “RevMax” sets the stage for maximizing partnership revenue.



Overpricing your assets can doom sponsorship sales efforts before they get off the ground. Our Fair Market Valuation helps you understand and justify the value of your sponsorship packages, empowering you to approach prospects and negotiate deals with confidence.



Selling or renewing key categories is the ideal time to unearth hidden revenue opportunities. Premier’s deep knowledge of the competitive and operational factors influencing key categories helps rights-holders take a smart approach to going to market.

Digital & Social
Media Blueprint

Properties with a social media following of 250K+ can further monetize digital assets and build their online audience by enlisting Premier to revise and optimize their digital and social media strategy.